Cabinet of Curiosity & Mary Shelley Quiz

Collaborations with the Bakken Museum

I teach a class called Software Design in which students collaborate with an outside organization to design and build a software tool for a public audience. The class is as much a course on human-centered design as it is computer science. We emphasize the needs of people and usability concerns as we iteratively develop the software.

For the past two years, the class has worked with The Bakken Museum to create interactive activities for their exhibits. The first year, the students worked on an iPad app for the Cabinet of Curiosity exhibit which gives museum goers an interactive way to learn more about the objects in the installation. The second year, the students built an interactive personality quiz about Mary Shelley for the museum’s Mary and Her Monster exhibit which opened in the fall of 2016.

Our school made a video about our class:

Cabinet of Curiosity Screenshots

Mary Shelley Quiz Screenshots

Mary Shelley Quiz Demo

Mary Shelley Quiz Source Code