Now’s the time…

In the fall of 2013, the students in my Introduction to Computer Science collectively worked on a final class project. The prompt was to identify an issue in the school that they could build a solution for using their computer science knowledge. Their idea was to build an online web application to give students and teachers a visual representation of the daily schedule, even when we have a special schedule (for example, when there is a half-day). Several weeks later, they launched BearStatus, a web-application written in Python and hosted on Google App Engine which did exactly that. The tool was quickly adopted by the school and served approximately 1000 requests per day during the school year.

In 2016, two students (who were not a part of the original team) rewrote BearStatus from scratch in an effort to update both the UI and the underlying technology stack. They launched BearTime as a successor to BearStatus in the fall of 2016 to much fanfare.



BearTime Source Code (server)

BearTime Source Code (web app)

Original BearStatus (deprecated)

Original BearStatus Source Code (deprecated)