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Rich feedback for code

I built Code Review to solve a particular set of problems in my classroom. In short, I was frustrated by having no tool to provide rich comments and feedback on my students’ code. In addition, I wanted there to be a way for students to provide each other rich feedback as part of peer review processes. Code Review aims to address both.

The tool uses the Google Drive API as a backend mechanism for accessing both files and comments on those files. The frontend is built in AngularJS and allows the user to view a code file on the left, highlight sections, and add comments that appear on the right. Comments support markdown which allows commenters to embed code directly into their comments, without altering the existing file. Viewing/commenting permissions are managed by the Google Drive API (i.e., giving someone commenting rights to a file within Google Drive will allow them to comment via Code Review). Code Review also has experimental support for running python files directly in the browser.


Code Review

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Technical Info

Built with: Google Drive API, AngularJS, Ace Editor, Bootstrap, Highlight.js, Skulpt.js (for experimental python support)