The MInDI Lauper Glockenspiel

A MIDI-powered Arduino-driven 80s-music-playing machine

Lizz Buchanan and I created The MInDI Lauper Glockenspiel at the Constructing Modern Knowledge 2015 conference in Manchester, NH. Our initial idea was to try to turn a regular piano into a player piano for live-instrument karaoke accompaniment. Over the course of the conference, our project shifted into a Arduino-driven glockenspiel that can play MIDI files. The hardware is driven by a custom piece of macOS software I wrote in the Swift language that parses MIDI files and then sends the MIDI messages over the serial port to the Arduino. Naturally, we chose to use Cyndi Lauper’s inimitable classic Time After Time to demo the project.


Technical Info

Hardware: glockenspiel, Arduino, shift registers, cell-phone vibrating motors, binder clips, wire, lots and lots and lots of solder

Software: Custom macOS application (written in Swift), Arduino Sketch


  • Collaboration with Lizz Buchanan
  • Construction video by Lizz Buchanan
  • Photos by Josh Burker