Here's a moment…and here's another…

One-to-One was a video project I made to investigate how mathematics, logic, queerness, and philosophy might intersect.

An excerpt from an essay about the piece:

“Although logic would have us believe that everything can be reduced to two discrete points, truth and falsity, One-to-One finds that meaning is not reducible to a statement’s truth-value, but rather, hangs in the interval between. When the piece ponders love, sex, 9/11, and video form—topics that seem to resist quantitative explanation—the abrupt shifts from the impersonal language of mathematics to the more intimate examinations of the human existence beg a question: what value do we assign to the interval between the disparate images and styles of narration, between private and public experience, between one discrete moment of the video and the next? Here again, the value lies in the interval between the member–one point, one moment, one frame, one word–and the set–all points, all moments, the video, the truth.” —James Gurney, 2009

Stills and Excerpts


  • MIX NYC: New York Experimental Queer Film/Video Festival, Opening Night, 2009 [catalog]

Technical Details

NTSC, color and B&W, stereo sound, 20m 44s